2020-2021 Technology Services Employee of the Year
Curtis Buckley
HELP Desk 314.824.2299 Phone 314.824.2010
Director Richard Miller
Technology Assistant Angela Clintsman
Technology Assistant Michelle Jones
Information Systems
Information Systems Specialist Sheryl Perry
Programmer/Analyst Deborah Hegel
Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology Specialist - Elementary Abby Erwin
Instructional Technology Specialist - Secondary Samantha Stearn
Network Services
Network Manager Kyle Hagaman
Network Specialist Nick Reed
Communications Specialist Tim Jefferson
Lead Network Technician Gene Garrett
Network Technician Vince Spreen
Electronic Technician Tim Dreher
Electronic Technician John Latzel
Technology Support Manager Linda Petelik
Lead Technology Specialist - Elementary Curtis Buckley
Lead Technology Specialist - Secondary Chris Fain
Network/PC Specialist Kirk Linenfelser
Technology Specialist Earl Joiner
Technology Specialist Pat Maes
Technology Specialist Kelli Ward
Building Technology Specialists
Primary and Elementary
Berkeley Phylliss Hayden
Bermuda Colita Blockton
Central Phylliss Hayden
Combs Veaon Harris
Commons Lane Jeremy Spencer
Duchesne LaToya Nelson
Griffith Colita Blockton
Halls Ferry Veaon Harris
Holman LaToya Nelson
Lee Hamilton Rodney Carthans
Parker Road Denise Johanningmeier
Robinwood Nicole Sanders-Stuart
Walnut Grove Rodney Carthans
Johnson-Wabash 6th Grade Center Nicole Sanders-Stuart
Wedgwood 6th Grade Center Jeremy Spencer
Cross Keys Middle Shatonya Green
Ferguson Middle Willie Smith
McCluer High John Brown, TBD
McCluer North High Anne Welty, Tom Winker
The Innovation School at Cool Valley Michael Augustine
Mark Twain Restoration and Re-Entry Center Anne Welty, Tom Winker
STEAM Academy Denise Johanningmeier
STEAM Academy at McCluer South-Berkeley Michael Augustine
Challenger Learning Center Kirk Linenfelser
Little Creek John Brown, TBD
Transportation Kirk Linenfelser
Vogt Offices Kirk Linenfelser

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